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Why Choose Emerging Digital Academy.

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We benchmark our students against industry standards with our assessment-led program, and craft personalized experiences that sharpen or build new skills. Organizations can build a diverse team of skilled candidates by leveraging our talent pipeline.


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Students learn cutting-edge programming skills, gain an understanding of front and back-end devleop, while also learning important soft skills that help the succeed in technology roles.

Emerging Digital Academy prepares our graduates for software development careers to provide excellent outcomes for both students and area tech employers.

Our curriculum is continually updated to meet employer expectations, led by our Advisory Board who also serve as student mentors.

Co-op Program

The EDA Co-Op Program is designed to provide employers with a hiring model that reduces hiring risk and increases access to opportunities for our students, all while being cost effective and flexible.

In its simplest form, this is a managed internship program that creates a three-way relationship between employer, junior talent, and our team at Emerging Digital Academy.



"As a startup, making exceptional hires with your first few employees can literally make or break your business. We've hired one EDA graduate so far who has been an exceptional addition to the team, not only in his technical abilities from day one, but in his professionalism and confidence in working with myself and my co-founder. I can't wait to hire more people from this program."

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David Haukaas

CEO & Co-founder, Stax Financial Technologies

"With the growing workforce needs in Fargo, EDA has been a tremendous asset in training talent for our business needs. The instructors and staff are incredible to work with, and the caliber of students they produce is fantastic!"

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Teri Winkelman

Talent Acquisition Manager, Bushel

Very impressed with the entire EDA program. The talent we were able to acquire has went above and beyond our expectations!

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Max Cossette

Business Development, 701x

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